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Parkway Dental is Now Providing All General Dentistry & Emergency Dental Services

Parkway Dental is happy to announce we have completed many upgrades and implemented strict protocols to ensure we can provide quality dental care in a comfortable & safe environment. To Learn More about steps we have taken, please click the button below!

Please Note We Have Resumed Oral Hygiene Services.

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Parkway Dental Services

Parkway Dental is Proud to Offer Preventative, Restorative, Surgical and Cosmetic Dentistry to the Langford community!

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  • Treatment Coordinators

    Learn About Treatment & Financing Options

    Our Treatment Coordinators at Parkway Dental offer a professional and confidential environment to connect with patients and families to discuss your options.


  • Trust – See It Yourself

    Learn About Our Treatment Standards

    Our friendly dentists are able to show you your diagnosis with our HD Oral Camera’s and Digital X-ray’s. Plus, we will prioritize with you on your treatment based on what is necessary and optional.


  • OraVerse

    Reverse Numbness Twice As Fast!

    Reverse numbness faster! No more swollen or bitten lips. You can go back to work or school and be ready to take on the rest of your day without the hindrance of still being numb.


  • Comfort & Entertainment

    NETFLIX on all Ceiling HDTV’s

    We’ve custom built Parkway Dental with advanced technology and amenities including NETFLIX on overhead HD TV’s, head phones, and fireplaces in our beautiful office to ensure your visit is as pleasant as possible.


  • Child & Family Friendly

    Take Care Of The Whole Family

    We provide quality family dental care while everyone will enjoy the fun amenities like our kids play area with Netflix on all of our HDTV’s, toys & a table for coloring. Also a change table for parents to use in the bathroom.


  • Dental Technology

    Benefit From Modern Technology

    Rest assured that our Digital X-Rays, gag free pan X-Ray, Intra Oral Camera’s, Cerec Machine and other modern precision dental equipment will help keep your smile healthy and looking the way you want.


Welcome to Parkway Dental Clinic in Langford

“The Caring Clinic”

There are a lot of benefits to choosing Parkway Dental for you and your family’s oral care needs. Our established dental clinic boasts modern technology, custom designed comfort, family friendly dentists, and transparent treatment standards. We’re committed to earning your trust, just like we’ve already earned the trust of over 5000 of fellow Westshore residents like yourself. Thank you to all our wonderful patients from the Westshore!

Parkway Dental in the Westshore strives to make your visit a relaxing, informed and a positive experience. We are pleased to provide a relaxing atmosphere; each operatory features essential oil diffusers and the option for a warm face cloth. At Parkway Dental you can expect friendly staff, fully informed diagnosis, and a caring dentist.

Speak With One of Our Personalized Treatment or Hygiene Coordinators to Guide You Through Your Treatment Needs!

Request An Appointment At Parkway Dental Today!

We Will Get Back To You As Soon As Possible To Arrange Your Appointment. We Look Forward To Seeing You Soon!

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Meet the Dentists At Parkway Dental

Our team of dentists and dental professionals are always striving to deliver the highest quality care for our patients, while maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Dr. Cian Zybutz
General Dentist
Dr. David Johnson
General Dentist
Dr. Pooja Panwar
General Dentist
Dr. John Mosco
General Dentist
Dr. Hany Hanna
General Dentist
Dr. Curtis Horne
General Dentist
Dr. Eric Enger
General Dentist

Your Experience Is Our Priority

Our dental team at Parkway Dental puts the highest priority on providing professional oral health care while focusing on your comfort in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


We use the most modern and advanced dental tools and equipment available to provide comfortable and quality dental care.


From your choice of calming essential oils to warm facecloths to Netflix on all HDTV’s, your comfort is our priority!

iTero - No Messy Impressions!

Parkway Dental has two iTero Scanners that utilizes modern technology to replace traditional dental impressions with highly accurate digital images. This provides our patients a more comfortable experience as it eliminates the messy ‘goo’ impressions of the past!

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OraVerse - Freezing Reversal

Reverse numbness faster! No more swollen or bitten lips. You can go back to work or school and be ready to take on the rest of your day without the hindrance of still being numb. You’ll be ready to talk, drink and even laugh! The rest of your day will be worry free and you won’t have those embarrassing side effects from still being numb

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Sedation Available

Sometimes children can be very afraid to see a dentist. If this is the case for your child, please contact our staff and ask about sedation options. We offer oral sedation, laughing gas, and IV sedation which are safe and effective sedation methods and might be a more comfortable way for a child to see the dentist and receive the oral care they need.

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Get important x-ray pans without the discomfort of a sensor inside your mouth. Our brand new top of the line digital Pan X-Ray machine is perfect for those with gag reflexes as well as children! The ProMax from Planmeca is so good it can be used in place of traditional digital x-rays that rely on a sensor being inside the mouth. It can also be adjusted to ensure that your child will only be exposed to the minimum amount of radiation required for an x-ray, an amount less than that of an adult, instead of the “one size fits all” approach like other X-ray pans.

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One Appointment Crowns

Why come in to see the dentist twice when you can come in only once? With Cerec technology that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do if you are in need of a crown. Thanks to a durable porcelain material that is digitally designed to exact specifications, we’re able to take care of your crowns in just one easy appointment so that you don’t have to miss more time from work or doing what you love!

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Gentle Freezing

Sometimes it’s necessary to administer localized freezing in order to undergo your dental procedure. Our dentists make it a point to be as gentle and compassionate as possible when administering freezing. We even warm up our anesthetic to allow a more pain-free injection!

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