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    How Often Should You Whiten Teeth?

    Are you whitening your teeth too much?

    You know that a bright smile looks fantastic and makes you feel fantastic too. Being around a smiling face makes you feel comfortable, which is an important trait for many of us to have in our personal lives or careers.

    While you may wish for your teeth to be Hollywood bright, those Do It Yourself DIY tooth whitening kits may be harmful to your enamel.

    Many people cycle between different ways of whitening their teeth. Switching between brands or experimenting with different techniques may harm your teeth and cause serious sensitivity or pain. Many over the counter whitening options are not ideal for every person and lack customization. If you are using a whitening product and experience sensitivity, you should discontinue use and consult with your dentist.

    How often can you whiten your teeth?

    There are hundreds of different products and techniques available to whiten your teeth. Each product has a different concentration of whitening agent in it and different ingredients. You must closely follow the instructions for each individual product.

    Perhaps you find that your teeth are not staying white for long after using a whitening product. This may be because of your diet. Coffee, tea, citrus fruits, wine, curry, and many other food products are absorbed by your enamel causing your teeth to discolor and stain. If you have a lot of plaque or tartar buildup and have not seen your dental hygienist regularly, your teeth will be more absorbent to stain. Repeating the whitening won’t make it last longer. Consult your dentist to ask about ways to keep your smile white for longer!

    Signs that you’re whitening your teeth too much

    Tooth sensitivity caused by whitening can be temporary or can be an indication of a bigger problem. See your dentist if you experience any of the following problems:

    • You are having trouble with cold and hot foods and the pain or throbbing is unbearable.
    • Your gums are inflamed, throb or look puffy and swollen.
    • You’ve noticed that your teeth have uneven blotches or may be discolored.
    • You’re feeling tooth and mouth aches after you whiten and it won’t go away.

    Ways You Can Do Teeth Whitening Perfectly

    Your dentist carries tooth whitening products that cannot be sold over the counter in stores. Your dentist is able to assess your needs and customize whitening treatments specially for you. There are a variety of different techniques, such as In Office Whitening treatments, custom bleaching trays and whitening tubes, take home whitening kits in a variety of concentrations, overnight whitening trays, 30-minute whitening trays, whitening pens, whitening rinses and gum… the list goes on.

    Westshore Dental Services and Teeth Whitening

    If you have questions about teeth whitening or if you need a dentist in Langford, contact the dental office of Parkway Dental. Don’t risk nerve pain that can damage the roots of your teeth. If you are experiencing mouth pain, make an appointment and let us help. Contact us today!